Not sure which driving school is best, try us only $65 buys you one hour driving lesson with Safeway Driving School. If you would like to learn driving form experience and friendly driving Instructor, at a reasonable price, then give us a Call or SMS on Mobile: 040 404 7005.

Canberra’s Best Driving Lessons

Would you like to start your driving lesson with experienced, patient driving instructors? Would you like to achieve your goals to become an independent driver? Having a driving licence make you an independent person, opens up more opportunity for you. You will be driving from home to school, or to work. It means you have more time to study, work or spend time with family and friends. If You would like to start driving today, you will be having more driving skill at the end of the day. You will more independent and confidence driver on the road. I am a qualified Driving instructor since 2010. I taught around 1000’s of people over the years. if you would like to get your driving licence, then I am happy to help you to achieve your driving goal. You will learn everything you need to know, from road rules to driving responsibly, in the rain, reverse parallel parking.

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