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One hour driving lesson for$65 in Canberra

Safeway Driving School offers the cheapest driving lesson in Canberra

Only $65 buys you one hour driving lesson with Safeway driving school in Canberra. I have been a driving instructor since 2010 in the last 10 years, I have had more the 1500 learner driver who got their driving licence from me, Therefore if you would like to learn driving from experience, and friendly driving instructor then give me a call /SMS  0404047005  to organise your first driving lesson.

driving lesson in canberra

If your Question is, Which Driving School is the best in Canberra? I tell you: the cheapest is the best, All driving instructors are trained by the same training organisation, and they have to  follow the ACT government log book procedure to teach learn driver to be a competent, and safe driver on the road, obviously driving instructors have different way of teaching. All Driving Instructors are providing learner driver with as much information as possible. However the driving instructor does not have magic to touch learner driver on the shoulder and then the learner driver become the best driver the next day, the learner driver needs to practice, and understand the road rules. if a learner driver does not understand the Road Rules, it is the driving instructor responsibility to teach the learner driver about the rules, however it will be come longer for learner driver to get their driving licence. learner driving should pay effort watching video, we provide in Safeway driving school website, read and understand ACT Road rules, Read and understand ACT Log Book, at the end of the day the learner driver must be keen to be learn driving, let’s think about it, learner driver got his/ her driving licence the person who sit with them in car is one of their love once, Do you really want to endanger your love once life. so try to learn.

Now, if you would you like to achieve your goals to become an independent driver. Having a driving licence make you an independent person, opens up more opportunity for you. You will be driving from home to school, or to work. It means you have more time to study, work or spend time with family and friends. If You would like to start driving today, you will be having more driving skill at the end of the day. You will be more independent and confidence driver on the road. if you would like to get your driving licence, then I am happy to help you to achieve your driving goal. You will learn everything you need to know, from road rules to driving responsibly, in the rain, reverse parallel parking. learn with Safeway driving school

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