Safeway Driving School

Over 12 Years Saving Lives

Safeway Driving was founded in 2011 for the purpose of preventing the phone call nobody wants. We are not your average driving school, but continue to revolutionise the driver training industry through our proven, proprietary. Safeway driving system. Only Safeway Driving School, driving lesson with experience driving instructors can provide you the peace of mind that comes from having received the best driver training in Canberra.

Highly Trained Instructors

Your local Safeway Driving Instructors have gone through a rigorous training and certification program to achieve the designation of being an ACT ADI , and “S.A.F.E. Certified”. They are held to a very high standard, licensed by the ACT Government and certified through Safeway Driving School to provide you the very best in car training. Put their expertise and experience to work for you developing your driving skills.

Specially Designed Driving Routes

Today’s roadways are more dangerous than they have ever been. With the combination of increased distractions, overcrowded roadways and the higher number of 18-wheelers on our freeways, it is more important than ever to have a structured driver training program to prepare you for getting behind the wheel. We have created unique driving tracks designed to prepare you for today’s challenging roadways.

National Driving Standard

Driving is the only dangerous thing most people do every day. Learning to drive is not a rite of passage, an online game or cool app. It is a learned skill set. You do not become a safe driver by getting a drivers license, you become a safe driver by spending hour of time practicing in the car with a certified professional driving instructor. The National Driving Standard recommends a minimum of 10 hours of in car training with a certified professional along with additional at home practice

There is a big difference in Safeway Driving and any other driver education or training organization. Read The Safeway Difference and know why you are choosing the very best driver training available.

For a Lifetime of Safety

A Lifetime Commitment

Safeway Driving is an amazing story of human compassion, the desire to make a difference, a relentless commitment to saving lives and an unparalleled business team that wakes up every day knowing we are revolutionising an industry. It is the story of one of the original driver training instructors in Canberra who left his Architectural and Construction company  to embark upon the entrepreneurial adventure of starting his own company to make a difference in the lives of others.  who 30 years later, made a commitment to modernise the driver education industry by taking the proven Safeway Driving System to every neighbourhood in Canberra through an equally dedicated team of local Driving Instructors. It is the story of our stated purpose, to Prevent “The Phone Call” that Nobody Wants.