ACT Log Book

The logbook system is available through our Accredited Driving Instructors, who are accredited by the ACT Government to train and assess learner drivers for a provisional driver license.

Introduced by the ACT Governments, the Log Book System has proven to be an efficient and safe method of teaching Learner Drivers by progressively training them to ultimately attain a high standard of vehicle control before reaching the next stage of Provisional Driver.

ACT Accredited Driving Instructors receive extensive training in safe and efficient driving techniques (attained during an extensive course at Transport Industries Skills Centre -TISC ) which are passed on to the student during the course of their training .Call or Text to book your first driving lesson Mobile: 04 04 04 70 05.

The Canberra 23 Log Book Competencies are as follows:

1 Identifying the vehicle controls
2 Cabin Drill
3 Starting the vehicle
4 Moving off procedure
5 Proper gear use
6 Safe and efficient steering method (i.e. Pull-Push Steering)
7 Left and right turns
8 Speed Control
9 Safe and efficient slowing procedure
10 Safe and efficient stopping procedure
11 Hill starts
12 Give-Way
13 Reversing procedure
14 Front-on parking
15 Reverse parallel parking
16 U-turns
17 Turning around in a road (3 or 5 point turns)

FIRST REVIEW (a review of the first seventeen competencies)


18. Merging, Lane changing
19. Overtaking
20. Observation, Scanning, Hazard recognition
21. System of vehicle control

22. Vulnerable Road Users.

SECOND REVIEW (a review of the previous 22 competencies)

23 Driving unaided in high-level traffic and in unfamiliar surroundings.

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