Cheapest driving lesson in Canberra.

If getting your driving license has taken the back seat to catching public transport. Stop, and see the green light at the end of the tunnel. Just $65 buys your driving lesson with Safeway driving school.

1 hour driving lesson $65

1.5 hours driving lesson is $90 save $7.50

Canberra’s Finest Driving Lesson.

Learn to drive with experienced, friendly driving instructors.
Achieve your driving goals. It is more logical to get your licence through ACT’s logbook program, or passing the Government test, or just gaining confidence on the road, our fully qualified driving instructors are ready to help you to stay safe, gain confidence.
With Safeway Driving School, you will do more than just pass a test. We train lifelong safe and confident drivers. You learn everything you need to know, from road rules to driving responsibly at night and in the rain. Learn your way.
Every lesson is catered for you, Safeway driving school provides driving lesson in all Canberra suburb, our instructors who drive out to pick you up, and drop you where you would like to be dropped. and learn on automatic transmission. We adapt to your learning style, so you come away with easy-to-remember steps for even the tightest reverse parallel park.

Safeway driving school, the wide masters of the road will build up the confidence, and the skills you need to be a safe driver on the road, with loads of practice on different roads, intersections, at roundabouts and reverse parking you better call or message 0404 047 005 to book your first driving lesson.

1.  Safeway driving school provides affordable driving lesson for leaner driver in Canberra.

2.  Safeway driving school give you better driving knowledge, and Best driving skills to become a better driver for life.

3. Safeway Driving School, driving instructors are highly qualified friendly professionals fully compliant with the ACT Government standards for teaching, and Code of Practice and with the Code of Ethics.

4. Safeway driving school training vehicles are covered by Comprehensive Insurance, if something unforeseen happens during a driving lesson; the student is not liable for any damages.

5.  Safeway driving Instructors are flexible with start, and end locations, pick up/drop off at home, school or work.

6. Our price is very competitive represents great value for money.

7. If you are coming from another driving school, you continue from where you left off.

8. With our experienced driving instructors, we teach you methodically and with patience. We will make sure you master all the elements of road rules, driving, and you are ready to take on the roads on your own.

Safeway Driving School
Safeway Driving School pride ourselves on being a family-owned, local Canberra business that focuses on providing excellent customer satisfaction. Our goal is to be your partner throughout your journey to obtain a driver’s licence, a journey that will play an important role for the rest of your life. We want you to look back at your time with us as one of the most pleasant and satisfying experiences you have ever had behind the wheel book system.